Get Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certificate and Free Modules

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By Completing this Course you Will be able to Get Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certificate, and Free Modules I will share you a link to download all the modules for you to study how to pass your exam successfully and be a great Ehtical Hacker.

❇️CEH v10 Exam details❇️

Exam Title: Certified Ethical Hacker (ANSI)
Exam Code: 312-50 (ECC EXAM), 312-50 (VUE)
Number of Questions: 125
Duration: 4 hours
Availability: ECCEXAM / VUE
Test Format: Multiple Choice
Passing Score: Please refer to

The C|EH (Practical) is a 6 hours practical exam built to exacting specifications by subject matter experts in the EH field. Professionals that possess the C|EH credential will be able to sit for exam that

will test their limits in unearthing vulnerabilities across major operating systems, databases, and. networks. To those who meet and exceed the skills level set, they will earn the new industry required certification – the C|EH (Practical) certification


2-C|EH (Practical)

Exam Title: Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical)

Number of Practical Challenges: 20

Duration: 6 hours

Availability: Aspen- iLabs

Test Format: iLabs cyber range

Passing Score: 70%


⚫️C|EH (Practical) is available fully proctored, online, with remote facilities globally. The combined benefit of a practical exam that is fully proctored anywhere in the world will provide organizations with a skills-validated and trusted credential when employing cybersecurity professionals. With its global availability, organizations can now quickly train, test and deploy a cyber-ready workforce effectively

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What we Would Cover in the Modules that would help you to get Certified as Ethical Hacker

Firsly you need to learn Linux

Read Also Linux A-Z Commands That Would Help you  a lot




❇️Essential Terminology


1-Hack Value

2-Zero-Day Attack


4-Daisy Chaining









❇️Information Security Threat Categories


⏺Network Threats

🔸Information gathering

🔸Sniffing & Eavesdropping


🔸Session hijacking

🔸Man-in-the-Middle Attack

🔸DNS & ARP Poisoning

🔸Password-based Attacks

🔸Denial-of-Services Attacks

🔸Compromised Key Attacks

🔸Firewall & IDS Attacks


⏺Host Threats

🔸Malware Attacks


🔸Password Attacks

🔸Denial-of-Services Attacks

🔸Arbitrary code execution

🔸Unauthorized Access

🔸Privilege Escalation

🔸Backdoor Attacks

🔸Physical Security Threats


⏺Application Threats

🔸Improper Data / Input Validation

🔸Authentication & Authorization Attack

🔸Security Misconfiguration

🔸Information Disclosure

🔸Broken Session Management

🔸Buffer Overflow Issues

🔸Cryptography Attacks

🔸SQL Injection

🔸Improper Error handling & Exception Management





❇️Types of Attacks on a System


⏺Operating System Attacks

🔻Buffer overflow vulnerabilities

🔻Bugs in the operating system

🔻Unpatched operating system


⏺Application-Level Attacks

🔻Buffer overflow

🔻Active content

🔻Cross-site script

🔻Denial of service

🔻Session hijacking


⏺Shrink Wrap Code Attacks

⏺Misconfiguration Attacks




✳️Ethical Hacking Phases

Ethical Hacking Phases

1. Footprinting & Reconnaissance

2. Scanning

3. Enumeration

4. System Hacking

5. Escalation of Privileges

6. Covering Tracks




✳️Types of Security Polici


🔴Promiscuous poli

The promiscuous policy has no restriction on usage of system resources


🔴Permissive poli

The permissive policy restricts only widely known, dangerous attacks or behavior


🔴Prudent Poli

The prudent policy ensures maximum and strongest security among them. However, it allows known, necessary risks, blocking all other service but individually enabled services. Every event is log in prudent policy

List Of Modules for Certified Ethical Hacking Course

🔰CEH v10 Chapters🔰


1-Introduction to Ethical Hacking

2-Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Send A Request And get the Rest for Free

3-Scanning Networks


5-Vulnerability Analysis

6-System Hacking

7-Malware Threats


9-Social Engineering


11-Session Hijacking

12-Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

13-Hacking Web Servers

14-Hacking Web Applications

15-SQL Injection

16-Hacking Wireless Networks

17-Hacking Mobile Platforms

18-IoT Hacking

19-Cloud Computing


Send a request along with your mobile number to get the complete Modules for free. Thank You for Reading and Good Luck!

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