Make Money By Performing Social Media Tasks

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Use your Mobile phone the Right Way! Use it to make money!. I`m Going to show you how to make your social media accounts a money making machines, You can make money by performing social media tasks easy.

I will make the post as short as possible to go directly on Make Money By Performing Social Media Tasks and you can also use this website to boost your social media accounts.

Introducing the tool of Making Money By Performing Social Media Tasks

Hawkit is a place that gathered freelancers and advertisers,

Hawkit is a platform developed by Tech Champions Services, a Web and Mobile App Development Company located in Lagos. With Hawkit, you can easily advertise your products and services and also earn daily income by reposting adverts on your social media accounts.

How Does Hawkit works ?

  • You can Earn daily income of up to ₦5,000 by following, liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting or posting adverts for businesses on your social media.
  • and also Earn an Instant Referral Commission of ₦500 when you refer someone to become a member on Hawkit. The more you refer, the more you earn.
  • Sell Faster on Hawkit. Let your products be seen by thousands of buyers and resellers daily.
  • lastly Start Your Airtime/Data Business on Hawkit. Buy Airtime or Data on Hawkit at up to 10% – 50% Discount and Sell to friends and family at normal prices.

In Order to Register and start making money online with hawkit follow this link

Click on Create Free Account

after you register and verify you email login by the link to you email or visit again and click on login.

after you arrive at the dashboard click on become a member.

make money online

You have to pay for 1000 Naira to become a member and start making money, Remember: You have to use money in order to get money so feel free to make payment of 1000 Naira once and for all. you don`t have to pay for another fee after that you you can begin to earn your money by doing tasks.

After you pay for the membership fee you will receive instruction and guide from your email.

 Or You can come back to the website and click on earn you can also download there application on play store.

Earn Money with hawkit

If you come back to the home page you would see a very good offers, as shown below you can just download an application from play store and use a referral link to sign up and you would get 1000 instantly know you recover your registration fee.

Make money Sadeeq Tech

That`s All, I hope this post will help You to Make Money By Performing Social Media Tasks.

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Abubakar Abdurrahman

Young IT Expert CEO Sadeeq Technologies and a former student of Informatics Academy. Now a Web/App Developer by Profession, Penetration Tester by Passion and Linux Administrator by Interest.

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