Sadeeq Technologies`s aim is to help aware people all around the globe about IT. We have the passion to teach all that we now about Computers, Network , Security and many more. We Teach Ethical Hacking because, “Imagine 80% of a community know how to hack!, then “who to hack?” which means the more people that learn security(Ethical Hacking), the more people are secured.

Personally I Love Computers, they are part of my Life, and I want to use them to share knowledge that I have on them.

This Industry was Establish since 2017 with the name Diksa Communication Center. and since then its been developing with out the help of any person apart from my Family, My Mother First . and then My hero Come`s Prof Nura Grafix, He is known to be my Uncle and he is, but plus more. That soul take me and guide me through all the journey that I have been through in IT.

He is My Mentor, Guidance and my Reference in IT. He is My Hero!.
if(I= true()){
print(“Thank You my Uncle!”);

And Now from Me and My Family, the company stated to grow with two of my Friends, and they are making progress…

se you soon!.


Thank you All for reading..

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