How to Solve ‘Can`t delete or rename file or Folder because it is in use’

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Sometimes you want to delete or rename a file or folder, but you can’t because it’s in use. It’s crystal clear when access is denied. But it can be very hard to see what processes are keeping the file locked. This trick will help you see what the prompts won’t tell you, so you can kill those processes and delete or rename the locked file using the two options below.

First Option

Firstly navigate to task manager by using the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc. it would open task manager save all of your work before doing this.

Right click on each of the process you say in the process list and click on End Task do this to the top 10 process you saw there and try deleting or renaming the file. it would work but if it doesn’t use the second option

Second Option

Go to Google, search for Process Explorer and download from Microsoft Technet.

Click the Binocular icon in the Process Explorer toolbar and search for the name of the file you are trying to rename or delete.

Kill each process that is listed in the search results. (You’ll want to save your work
before killing anything.)

Once you’ve nixed all the offending processes, you can delete or rename the file.

That`s all if you have any question feel free to ask below in the comment section.

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