The Best Manual way to permanently remove a Virus

You forgot to take your vitamins and you got a particularly annoying virus that renames its file every time you reboot. If removal tools aren’t working, it’s time to “break” the virus!.


  • Create an empty text file with the same name as the virus and then restart Windows in Safe Mode.
  • Then delete the virus file and drop your 0 byte same-named file in its place.

For example, say the sick file is named abc.exe. Make a blank .txt file named abc.txt. Save it as abc.exe and restart in Safe mode.

  • Then replace the sick abc.exe with your stealth abc.exe file.
  • More often than not, the virus won’t check for file size. And even though the machine is still infected, the virus behavior can be temporarily corrected.
  • If the virus is really stubborn, it won’t let you restart in Safe Mode. If that happens, use a spare PC with a temporary setup of your OS or a specialty boot disk and give yourself exclusive file system rights to the virus. Delete it. And replace it with your stealth file

In order to restart your windows 8 to above in to safe mode restart by holding shift key.

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