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We are going to use a Termux called Virus4 to change our Termux Theme and hck almost anything with Termux Virues4 Tool , you can use this tool as a penetration testing tool or your virus maker and you can also use it Bruteforce.

How to Install Virus4

You can install virus4 either on Linux PC or Termux, all the installation steps are the same.

Just open up your Termux or terminal on Linux, and start copying and pasting the below steps.

Installation and Running Virus4 steps

  1. Step 1 install git

    pkg install git -y

  2. Step 2 install python 2

    pkg install python2

  3. Step 3 install Virus4

    git clone https://github.com/amerlaceset/Virus4

  4. Step 4 Change Directory to Virus4

    cd Virus4

  5. Step 5 changing permission

    chmod +x

  6. Step 6 Run Virus4

    python2 Virus4.pyVirus4 Menu

Now Press n to skip showing your network IP Address

press the number of what you want to do

How to change theme using Virus4

Now to change your theme select 8

and then select 1

Type you Favorite name and hit enter. Thats All.

How to Brute Force Google Account using Virus4

Re Run your tool and choose number 3

Choose the type of you want to Brute Force, in this case number 3 Account Mail

chose Gmail Brute Force number 4
Type your target Email address and hit ENTER

In wordlist section just type ./wordlist.txt. or just type wordlist.txt to use Virus4 default wordlist “a wordlist is a hackers dictionary that contains many possible passwords”

it may take some time to crack the psswd, it defend on the password complexity.

if it finished it will show you the password and say found.

If you want to use the tool again, just repeat step 4 and 6. and from there you can choose to create a virus that can destroy Android phones and many more just go and test all the options.


Please don`t misuse this tool to hurt someone or use it on any military secret service organizations, or for illegal purposes (this is non-binding, these *** ignore laws and ethics anyway). use this to test your knowledge.

How to Prevent yourself from

The best way to prevent your self from brute forcing is to use 2 Factor Authentication, or Multi factor Authentication in all of your social accounts

Another way is to use Complex password which include

symbols $#^

uppercase AAA

Lowercase a11

and Numbers 999

By using this type of password your account can take up to about ten years to brute-force.

That`s all happy Penetration Testing.

Abubakar Abdurrahman https://sadeeqtech.com.ng

Young IT Expert CEO Sadeeq Technologies and a former student of Informatics Academy. Now a Web/App Developer by Profession, Penetration Tester by Passion and Linux Administrator by Interest.

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