How Phishing Over 20 Social Media Accounts Using one Tool Works

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Hello Guys in today`s post is about Social Media Hacking. we are going to Learn a little bit about the type of hack that we are going to do before we began to hack, but if you are in hurry? , then scroll down to watch the video, okay then. the type of attack we are going to use here is Social Engineering A.K.A Human Hacking, in this kind of attack the attacker is going to hack the brain of the victim by convincing him/she to do some certain actions in a professional manner. this kind of attack is also called Phishing .

I have done a very good research to find a reliable tool for you guys, that you can use in both Android and Linux, OS`s. The Tool is called PyPhisher, using this tool you can hack all of the top social Media out there like: Facebook,instagram, twitter, github, reddit, gmail e.t.c.

Requirements and Rules of Using this Tool

Firstly a Device, either computer(Linux) or Android Phone

Internet Connection 3g minimum

The Victim has to be online at the time you`re going to perform this operation

Copy & Paste 😅😉

Don`t Hack Innocent People, Please I did not teach you to harm, but to know how it works and defend yourself.

Installation and Setting Up for Termux(Android).

  1. open Termux and paste the commands below.
  2. pkg install git python php -y
  3. apt install php
  4. git clone
  5. cd PyPhisher
  6. python3

That`s all you can see the list of social media choose the one you like and enter the number then press enter.

Screenshots of the tool

Choose traditional Login page for Facebook then choose ngrok server from here leave everything as default and keep pressing enter until you see the link is provided copy the first one and send it to the victim, and convince him/she to fill the details, once they login you will get their login credentials displayed on the Termux.

For PC(Kali,Ubuntu,Parrot) past those commands

sudo apt install git python php -y

wget && python3

That`s All for PC users Enjoy Hacking!

How phishing Works

As you see how it works, you would probably understand a little bit how this thing works, so now you use Termux to generate a server to host a fake HTML form for login into a specific site, the request that the user send, instead of it to go to the sever your victim think its going, it will be send directly to you because that page is not the original login page for the original site. that page is program to send any input directly to your console(Termux). if you realize something as I do you can acknowledge that if you have saved your password in your browser, that saved password will not come as a recommendation to use in login to that site.

How to Defend your Self From This kind of Attack?

> Enable Tow-Factors Authentication in settings<security
>Register your Email and Phone number in your account(for easy recover)
>Don’t enter your passwords on third-party websites for free likes or followers.
And the most important thing is you have to stay updated with cyber security because “stupidity is the biggest vulnerability”. and stick with us and our YouTube channel to stay updated in cyber security.

Video Demo On Termux

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Young IT Expert CEO Sadeeq Technologies and a former student of Informatics Academy. Now a Web/App Developer by Profession, Penetration Tester by Passion and Linux Administrator by Interest.

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