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In this post we are going to look at CSS in the concept of web development, This is the part two in our series of web Development using HTML & CSS. if you didn’t read the first one? i highly recommend you take a look at it here .

What is CSS ?

Stand`s for Cascading Style sheet. CSS – is a style sheet language, its HTML Cousin as you now know HTML or Hipertext Markup Language is the language for building the skeleton of a website,HTML is the first language you have to learn in order to start web development, and then CSS. CSS is all the styles and animation you can found in a website.

What is CSS in a Web Site ?

Imagine a skeleton of a human being, that thing can be refer`s to as a website with only HTML or maybe with JavaScript also, as a regular person not a doctor, you can not tell that this is fat or tiny, this is black or white its just a skeleton but what if that parson have some flesh, skin, color and so on?. that makes a full recognizable person to any body. so that is website with CSS.

Some of the Responsibilities of CSS in Styling Web Site

  • Page Layout
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Animation
  • good Alignment. e.t.c

Some of the Thing that you can not do in CSS but HTML:

  • Writing(Like Header, paragraph e.t.c)
  • Creating tables(you can only design them in CSS)
  • Inserting images
  • Inserting Hyperlinks E.t.c.

How CSS Works?

CSS works by interacting with the HTML Elements. below is the example of how we can apply CSS to this HTML tag <h1>Hello World</h1>

this originally will just print a big Header text saying Hello Wold in our browser. just like you are typing with a big font maybe in word. Now lets change this HTML Header color to green using CSS

When we are writing CSS we will always have to use both a property and a value. The property tells your browser what part of the HTML element you want to change. The value tells your browser exactly what to change it to. So it works like this:

Our Property will be H1 tag and our value will be color:green;, now our code will be like this.

<h1 style=”color:green;”>

That`s it for this, I hope it helps.

Thank you for reading. Our next post: Domain and Hosting

Abubakar Abdurrahman https://sadeeqtech.com.ng

Young IT Expert CEO Sadeeq Technologies and a former student of Informatics Academy. Now a Web/App Developer by Profession, Penetration Tester by Passion and Linux Administrator by Interest.

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