Hackademic Challenge Two 2

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In the Previous Posts we already Explain all you need to know about hackademic Challenges, and we also solve challenge one you can check it here . but now We are going to Solve Hackademic Challenge Two 2 in this post. So follow me,

Challenge two says: Your Country needs your help for finding the password of an enemy site that contains useful information, which if is not acquired on time, peace in our area will be at stake.

You must therefore succeed in finding the password of this military SITE.

Good luck!

Solving Hackademic Challenge Two 2

When we Enter the site we will see the following..

Home screen of challenge two

Now we shall try to view the page source to see if we can find any leak as we found in Challenge one. Right click and click on view page source in your browser.

We see that the submit button calls the GetpassInfo which is a Javascrpt method.

Known we need to analyze what the method return, in order to do so, lets copy the whole source code in order to edit the javascript code. and then paste it in any text editor. notepad (windows), mouspad(Kali) or Text Editor(mac).

javascript section of the source code

If we paste it in our text editor save it with anything .html and scroll to line 86 and write this code alert(Wrong); and than move to line 90 an write this code GetPassInfo(); and then save it remember: with any name you like but the end of the name must be .html

Now open you html file using browser

When you open the edited html file it shows you this

the password is now revealed

Now, as we trick the JavaScript to show us the password. Lets try to copy the code “enter a coin to play” and paste it on the real site.

Now i paste the code

It Work`s Congratulations! we have successfully Finished the Hackademic Challenge two 2

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